About The Club

How does the club work?

First, you become a member by choosing one of our subscription packages. This will determine how often you will receive a new birding t-shirt. Then, you will receive a custom-designed, single-run, limited edition birding t-shirt with epic images and birding related art. A new shirt is featured each month. Each shirt is produced one time before it is retired forever, so each one becomes a collector’s item.

What will be on the shirts?

These aren’t just pictures of birds. Our designs tell a story or contain themes birders will love. Some of the designs are hip and maybe even a little edgy. Our goal with each design is to get a knowing nod of respect and approval from fellow birders, and to pique the interest of nonbirders.

How much will it cost?

Club membership is as low as $21 per month, which includes one birding t-shirt per month (depending on your subscription) with free shipping inside the USA. 2XL and 3XL shirt sizes cost us a little more so we charge $2.50 more for 2XL and $3.50 more for 3XL and 4XL. We do not ship internationally at this time but plan to add this once our operations are ramped up. We charge sales tax for states that require it.

How will my shirt be shipped?

UPS or US Mail ground. We produce shirts at the same time every month. When you sign up you will get a date range for when you will receive your birding t-shirt.  We are planning our first print run for March 16th to allow customers to sign up during the month of February. For the first print run, customers will start receiving shirts a few days after printing. After the first month, a pattern will be established and you will be notified of your future shipping dates.

What is your return cancellation and return policy?

You may cancel your subscription or order at any time.  If your card has been billed and the product has been shipped, we cannot cancel the order for that cycle but you may return the unworn shirt for a refund. If your shirt doesn't fit and you need to change your size, you can return the shirt if it is unwashed and unworn. Since we do a single print run for each design we may not be able to exchange your shirt for the same shirt in a different size. In that case we will either issue a refund, or if you prefer, a credit for the next month's design.  See our terms and conditions for our full policy, or contact us with any questions.