Our Mission

Our Mission

There are many organizations that exist to protect birds. Some are very science-oriented while others are more politically oriented. For either of those avenues to succeed, people have to be interested in birds in the first place.  

The best thing for birds is more birders. That’s why our mission at Birder is simple — make more birders, help more birds.

For over 25 years our other businesses have designed and printed promotional t-shirts for thousands of businesses, teams, organizations and national parks. Whatever the event, the group or the cause, we successfully promote and enhance each of their purposes with memorable and well-composed graphic designs.

A t-shirt must be worn to promote an idea. The design and comfort must be of the highest quality. Currently, there are very limited t-shirt options for birders and none of them meet our standard of an outstanding t-shirt. At Birder, we combine our love for birding with our passion for design to bring the birding community a t-shirt like it has never seen before.

Our goal for each birding t-shirt design we create is to earn respect from fellow birders and pique curiosity and interest from non-birders.

We will donate a portion of the proceeds from each sale to projects for bird preservation and projects to benefit the birding community at large.  We will primarily partner with projects for habitat and species preservation and restoration. We will contribute a portion of our sales proceeds to organizations specifically impacting birds now or in the immediate future. Ours is the short game – boots on the ground to help as many birds as we can, as quickly as possible.

Our mission can be summed up in three points: